years of experience in the sector of industrial adhesives

With over 40 years of experience in the sector of industrial adhesives, the company UNICOL can always offer the perfect solution for your needs.

We work in partnership with national and international companies operating in the sectors of manufacturing/woodworking, packaging production, the paper industry, footwear and automotive industries, offering only top quality products designed especially to meet their requirements.

But we do not only supply glues and adhesives: we accompany our clients with a post-sales service to optimise the performance of our products at all times.

Research & Development

The heart of our business is the research and development division,  in a highly specialised in-house laboratory we design, test and develop new products and solutions in response to market and client demands. For this purpose UNICOL establishes a direct relationship with clients and with external research instititutes, thereby creating increasingly innovative and customized products.

Our technicians will always be there to provide the best advice at all times, setting up production lines that are constantly up-to-date with new technologies and your requirements.


The certification obtained by UNICOL guarantees maximum quality of our services and guarantee our ongoing commitment to continuous improvements to the organisation and production processes, as well as special attention to the environment.

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Quality Control

At UNICOL we adopt systematic controls not only on the end product but throughout the production line: the flow of materials is organised to enable complete traceability during each phase of the process. This makes for a quick, fluid and efficient production line, thanks also to our modern systems and high standards of quality that we pride ourselves on.

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