Nunipur 7021

Polyurethane water base dispersion specially produced for the glueing of PVC sheets and paper of various types, on chipboard or MDF.  This dispersion features high viscosity and good thixotropic properties to obtain good yield of the product on high pressure systems. Glueing is by means of heat reactivation using membrane presses (3D).

Nunipur 7021
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A water-based polyurethane dispersion specifically designed to bond PVC sheets and various types of paper to chipboard and MDF. The product must be catalysed with hardener 302 (3 to 5%) for products that require heat resistance up to a maximum of 90°C.
The adhesive mixture (Nunipur 7021 + hardener) can be heat activated for 2 days after spraying.
The product is applied by spraying.
Available in 25 kg pails and 1,000 kg tanks.

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