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The Unicol adhesives for composite panels offer optimum results with many materials and a guarantee of stability and durability of the final product.

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Technical and Industrial Adhesives

Isocoll ECO 6038

Single component high module adhesive sealant with a silyl terminated polymer base.  ISOCOLL ECO 6038 features good sound and vibration damping properties. Environmentally friendly thanks to the isocyanate and solvent free formula.

Isocoll ECO 6038
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Isocoll ECO 6038 is a single-component, high-modulus, silyl-terminated polymer adhesive sealant. Once extruded, it reacts with the humidity in the air, without bubbling or swelling. It produces high-performance bonds that remain flexible and elastic. Highly thixotropic, it has an excellent initial set (suction effect) and is resistant to mechanical and dynamic stress, impact, atmospheric agents and shock. It is also resistant to UV rays and has excellent colour stability. In addition, it can be painted with water- or solvent-based paints.
Available in boxes of 12 cartridges (290 ml each in polyethylene) or 600 ml Aluminium-PE Unipack (20 bags per box).

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