Raised Floors

The products of this category are designed for the realization of the raised floor , then the coupling of the various media and the cage that supports it and not only for the laying and installation.

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Technical and Industrial Adhesives

Isocoll 52

A solvent-free single-component water-hardening polyurethane adhesive. This high-performance product has excellent filling properties, making it suitable for attaching feet.

Isocoll 52
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A single-component, water-hardening polyurethane adhesive that offers high water resistance.
Solvent-free. D4 class adhesive according to DIN/EN 204/205 standards.
Apply the adhesive to one of the materials being bonded with a brush, notched trowel or by extrusion with an airless pump. One of the materials being bonded must be porous or contain moisture. If neither of the materials is porous, lightly spray water (10 to 15 g/m2) over the adhesive film. The setting time depends on the humidity and temperature. The materials must be positioned immediately, applying uniform pressure to the entire surface. Strong pressure is not required, but the materials must remain in contact while the bond sets.
Available in 0.5 kg bottles, 25 kg cans, 250 kg drums and 1,000 kg tanks.

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