Raised Floors

The products of this category are designed for the realization of the raised floor , then the coupling of the various media and the cage that supports it and not only for the laying and installation.

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Technical and Industrial Adhesives

Isocoll Eco 6056

Single component adhesive sealant with a silyl terminated polymer base, free of isocyanate.

Isocoll Eco 6056
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Isocoll ECO 6056 is a single-component, silyl-terminated polymer adhesive sealant. Upon extrusion, it polymerizes with atmospheric humidity to form a high-performance, high-modulus elastic adhesive that maintains its elasticity.
Apply to surfaces that are completely free of dust, oil and grease. After cleaning the surface, do not wait more than 20 minutes before applying the product. Performing application tests on the materials is recommended.
Available in boxes of 12 cartridges (290 ml each).

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