Raised Floors

The products of this category are designed for the realization of the raised floor , then the coupling of the various media and the cage that supports it and not only for the laying and installation.

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Technical and Industrial Adhesives

Nunivil 6001

Single component vinyl acetate adhesive, solvent free. Product ready to use, featuring optimal filling properties and suitable for glueing on irregular surfaces.

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Nunivil 6001
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A high-quality, solvent-free modified vinyl acetate adhesive that offers excellent adhesion to a wide variety of materials. It is used for raised flooring and bonding linoleum and PVC to chipboard, fibre cement and calcium sulphate panels.
Apply with a roller spreader fed with a pressure plate system or a notched trowel and then position the material being bonded. Apply sufficient pressure over the entire surface to ensure it adheres completely.
Available in 25 kg pails and 200 kg drums.

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