Auxiliary Wood Working products

As well as its wide range of glues and adhesives, Unicol offers auxiliary products such as excipients and additives, to be integrated in all wood working processes to optimise performance of the glues used.

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Natural fat, rich of emollients, able to create a highly slippery layer on the surface on which it is applied. The product due to its special formulation does not stain any type of wood and does not discolor it.

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The product isolates and protects the surfaces of the press and does not corrode the metal plates.
It can be applied to aluminium, zinc and stainless steel surfaces on multiple, automatic and manual presses, as well as loading plates.
It is also suitable for joint gluing machines, glue jointers and veneer gluing machines and all metal parts that come into contact with corrosive adhesives.
Available in 10 kg bags.

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