Nunivil 1601

Innovative adhesive, formaldehyde acceptor, in part deriving from renewable sources, offered as an alternative to the urea formaldehyde based glues, also in processes requiring a bead of rigid adhesive with optimal resistance to temperatures.

Nunivil 1601
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A special vinyl acetate adhesive with very low VOC and formaldehyde levels. It is used to produce panels and products covered with paper and laminate.
The unique formulation enables it to produce a particularly rigid adhesive bead that is comparable to traditional urea adhesives and is highly resistant to water (EN 204/205 D3), solvents, heat and cold.
It is applied hot to finish wood and wood-based panels (blockboard, chipboard and similar) with plastic laminates, veneers and ureic, phenolic and melamine paper. The product is ideal for producing curved panels using a hot, high-frequency process.
Temperatures exceeding 60°C are not recommended for laminate.
The adhesive is applied with roller gluing machines, spatulas, brushes, nozzle dispensers and pressure dispensers. Not suitable for iron materials.
Available in 10 and 25 kg pails and 1,000 kg tanks.

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