Resin 401

Urea-based glue in powder form, self-hardening and ideal for articles in class E1, high yield, optimal solubility, high adhesion and low exudate. Suitable for the production of veneered plywood, chipboard, hollow core panels, other panels and elements for furniture using hot presses and at high frequency.

Resin 401
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The adhesive is part of a new series of powder products having low formaldehyde emission levels that offer a high yield, excellent solubility, high specific adhesion and low bleeding. The product is suitable for manufacturing products with formaldehyde emissions class E1.
It is used to produce veneered panels, plywood, chipboard and other products using hot, high-frequency presses. Thanks to its unique structure, it offers a long pot life and press times comparable to products having a high formaldehyde content. The press time can be decreased by adding D3 vinyl acetate adhesive, but this also reduces the lifespan.
Available in 25 kg bags.

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