Polyolefin hot melt adhesives

Given our focus on a healthier and safer working environment, we offer our customers a product with similar performance to polyurethane hot melts but without isocyanate and therefore exempt from hazard pictograms.

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Eco-friedly Adhesives

Unibord 739

Hot-melt polyolefin adhesive used for profile wrapping, characterized by high adhesion, high temperature resistance, even spreading and excellent cohesion.

Compared to EVA-based hot melt products, Polyolefin adhesives have a much higher resistance to heat and humidity, and also guarantee lower consumption.

Compared to polyurethanes they have the advantage of being able to be used in the same systems that traditionally use the EVA glue, to make cleaning the plant easier and to have an average lower cost.

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Unibord 739
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It is used for profile wrapping on wood and derivatives cornices and mouldings by veneer and papers.

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