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For over 40 years, Unicol has been active on national and international markets and has always been focused on related dynamics. Our team has always operated all over the World together with Customers, Partners, Friends. In such a critical and dramatic situation, ethics and a sense of professional and human responsibility require a deep reflection on priorities and values, but also a strong and decisive call to liability and duty towards all stakeholders. With diligence and determination, in compliance with the rules and the protection of employees and collaborators, we immediately have committed ourselves to ensure full operativity of our Company, reorganizing the production and laboratory lines, supported, mainly in smart working, by all the other business functions . Unicol is fully operational and ready to face this new challenge to the best of its ability with confidence and determination. Per aspera ad astra. Good work, to all of us.

The Unicol Team

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top design award 2016_big b

For the 10th consecutive year, the highly anticipated Top Design Award animated Big Buyer and awarded the product for the Office that combines the best aesthetic qualities and functionality. Applause both for the item winner, both for the original finalists references.

After a careful analysis of the proposals, the Jury chose the Glue Stamp of Tesa as the winner of the 10th edition of the Top Design Award.

Applause also for the other product in nomination: the new glue Wupy of Gloo SRLs (Unicol Group)

Wupy is the first solid glue in the world. It has the consistency of a rubber: non sticky – doesn’t dry. It can be kept in pocket without fear of getting dirty. It does not require any packaging and can be made in thousand different shapes and colors. It can be flavored and phosphorescent. It pastes only when one wishes ….


While being fully waterproof, Unisil Flex has a good vapor permeability. It is in fact able to allow the evaporation of about 8 g per square meter of water each day. This means that, in case of application on not perfectly dry substrates, the protected materials can dry out during the following days.

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